About us

About Yuki...

It all started in the dusty corners of the CuteStuff.nl warehouse... Strange activities started to happen. Over night boxes moved, some say they heard cheerful giggles and there were several reports of remarkable sightings. What was happening?

Yuki caught on cctv in CuteStuff warehouse

It all became clear after that one night where we spotted our little guest on CCTV footage. Wait.. what ... a ghost in our warehouse? It soon became clear that there was no need to call for exorcists or ghost hunters. Yuki - as the ghost was apparently called - was just there. Helping out, playing, moving stuff around or just chilling. From that moment on he became a member of our team. We took inspiration from his spooky puns and turned them into great quality products. 
Nowadays, Yuki is really proud of his own official lifestyle brand. He's having some trouble to keep his feet on the ground, but that can also be caused by the fact that he has no feet at all.

About the company...

Yuki the Ghost.com is founded by Dewi Elsakkers, owner of kawaii webshop CuteStuff.nl. The company is based in The Netherlands, but operates world wide. Sustainability is important to us. We’re getting greener every step of the way, while still providing you with the quality products you deserve. Read more about our responsibility here.

Want to work with us? We'd love to, as long as Yuki agrees. Other questions? Don't hesitate to reach out. Yuki might not be the biggest star in writing e-mails, but that's where we help him out. Get in touch with our team through our contact page or Instagram!